Community Tools

Welcome Leader!

This page lists the additional resources that are available for Community Leaders within Benelux.

There’s a few bits, so pause, take a breath, grab a cup of tea or coffee, and take it one step at a time.



Who counts as a Leader?

If you’ve been given a link to this page, then it’s highly likely to be you 🙂

For the purposes of the tools listed on this page, we’re thinking Community Group & Salesforce Saturday Leaders, Salesforce MVPs, and those people running unaffiliated Salesforce-related groups.


Benelux Calendar

If you’ve coming to this page, hopefully you’ve recently received an email telling you that you have permission to edit and create items on our Benelux Calendar. If you need editing access and haven’t had that email just contact us and let us know what (gmail/google workspace) email address to grant access to.

This is the calendar on the front page of this website, which Salesforce employees and others reference to see what our community is up to, and to help spread the word. It also helps us all avoid scheduling conflicts between groups (for Salesforce Saturdays that is less of an issue).

HOW TO ADD A NEW ENTRY: See this 60 second video, although the easiest thing to do is to take a similar entry/your most recent previous entry, clone and then update it. This means that tag and disclaimer information copy across.

TIPS: When adding entries please:

  1. Prefix the event title with the name of the group (e.g. “Amsterdam Developer Group: Mulesoft Hands-On Workshop”)
  2. Add in the location as soon as it is known, otherwise put “TBC” or “virtual” as appropriate.
  3. In the description field either put “For more details please see” and then include the Bevy link to your group.
  4. Add the start and end times when known (rather than listing it as an all day event).
n.b. New entries take up to 15 minutes to appear on the website due to caching.


  • GMAIL (recommended): Go to Calendars, then “Other Calendars” (bottom left hand corner) where it says “Add a friend’s calendar” and put in this email address: contact [at] dutchsfcommunity [dot] org …and press return.
  • OUTLOOK: Calendar | Open Calendar | From Internet | (yep, it’s a former name for the website as there are various bits of technical debt involved)  

Got a query about the calendar, or want to add someone new as an editor? Please speak to: Jan Vandevelde or Justyna Krajewska.


YeurLeadin Slack

We have a Slack where those highly involved in the community can chat to each other, ask questions and share knowledge. It’s available on the web and as a very good desktop/mobile app.

To join simply sign up via with your address. If you don’t have a address let us know and we can manually add you. You can also change the registered email address once you’ve logged in the first time. 

For what it’s worth, anyone can add their own channels (e.g. the Amsterdam User Group has as private channel to organise their meetings).

More info here:


WhatsApp Group

We have a private channel particularly with Salesforce NL, but other Benelux geographies welcome. This is where Salesforce can bounce thoughts and ideas off CGLs in a safe space. You’ll have access to everyone’s mobile numbers, but please don’t give these out without permission; the same goes for any any topics discussed!


Your fellow leaders’ contact details

If you haven’t received access again, just let us know. Remember that we’re all here to support you, because that’s the way we roll. 🙂


Quiz apps

The Amsterdam User Group has a paid-for Menti account if you wish to borrow it, but also Slido may be a sufficient alternative for interactive quizzes and polls.