More details about our Calendar

What sort of events get accepted for the calendar?

If the event is free, open to all, relevant to the Benelux-based market and Salesforce-specific then we want it in our calendar. We don’t accept promotional activities and Editor’s decision is final.

How do I make an addition or point out if something is wrong?

Contact us if it is your first time and we’ll either add it as a one-off or give you editing access.

How can I add your calendar to my Google or Outlook account?

GMAIL: Go to Calendars, then “Other Calendars” (bottom left hand corner) where it says “Add a friend’s calendar” and put in this email address: contact [at] dutchsfcommunity [dot] org …and then press return. Click here for a 30 second video demo.

OUTLOOK: Calendar | Open Calendar | From Internet |

I love your calendar, how did you make it happen?

The calendar is simply a Google Calendar which anyone can create from any free or paid Gmail account. You simply simply right mouse click on the calendar to share it. We then encouraged co-leaders and friendly local Salesforce staff to use it and keep it up to date.


Some of the links on this page refer to DutchSFCommunity – particularly the calendar’s underlying connection address. This is to maintain backwards compatability with a previous incarnation of this website.